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Videos on how i4T Global has emerged as a growing platform to simplify
Field Service Management and how the industry benefits from it.

Not sure if the COVID-19 lockdown period is the best time to hire a
Field Service Technician? Why not?
Technicians remain essential and if you don’t want to risk your property, let a COVID-19 Certified Supplier do the job for you!
If you are looking for a certified and trusted Field Service Supplier during COVID-19 and recovery period, send an SMS to 0448 422 422 and get your Emergency Service Request attended right away.

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How i4Tradies is helping MJ Electrical get more customers & services effectively and efficiently

Miles has nearly two decades of experience in providing complete electrical solutions for homes and offices in Ballarat and surrounding areas. In this video, Miles shares his experience with i4Tradies.
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Find Local Tradies via SMS 0448 422 422 - A Video Testimonial from ExecutiveBNB Marcel Caldow

Amid COVID-19, we have launched an Emergency Response Centre in May 2020 as an add-on module to i4Tradies. Now anyone can find a local and trusted tradesperson (Tradie) near them in Australia.

i4Tradies - Alberts Plumbing on i4Tradies - The Business Management Platform for Tradies in Australia

Are we delighted to have Albert Michali from Alberts Plumbing as one of the most vocal advocates of i4Tradies? Oh yes! If you would like to see how i4Tradies can benefit your business and your custom…

i4Tradies - Tradies, find out Mr Electric Australia's secret to improving their Cash-flow amid COVID-19 impact

Mr Electric Australia – Jerome Beekmans shares his hidden secret to increasing his cashflow at a fraction of cost by getting leads from i4Tradies’ new lead generation program. Electrical, Plumbing…

i4Tradies - SMS 0448 422 422 to Find Your Local Trusted and Compliant Trades Companies Near You in Australia

Now you can find your local and reputable Trades companies for almost any kind of trades related job in Australia – Simply send SMS to 0448 422 422 This walkthrough video explains how it works.

i4Tradies - Australian Tradies - Find Out How To Get More Leads for Your Trades Company during COVID-19 Recovery

If your business is suffering due to COVID-19 lockdown, i4Tradies has introduced a new lead generation program to help improve your cash flow by connecting you with customers in your local area. Regi…

i4Tradies - Jerome Beekmans of Mr Electric (a neighborly company) & MSS on i4Tradies

Franchise Owner of Mr Electric Australia, Jerome Beekmans is a strong believer in never ending improvement. Not just for their customers but their employees and their franchisees as well.

i4Tradies - Annie Bedrosian of Service Heroes on i4Tradies

The lovely Annie Bedrosian from Service Heroes shares her experience using I4Tradies. Starting their electric….

i4Tradies - Paul Dorian of P.A.D Plumbing on how i4Tradies transformed his Trades business

Since mid-90’s, the owner of PAD Plumbing, Paul Dorian has been on the mission to provide their valued…

i4Tradies - Aqua Blu Plumbing on how i4Tradies helped him grow his trades business

We are delighted to introduce our long-time partner Ben Walton-Healey. Ben has been in the plumbing…

i4Tradies - Promote and grow your business without losing a minute

Do the regular day to day operations of your business leave you enough time to market and grow it as well. …

i4Tradies - Bring efficiency into your trades business processes

Running your own trades business is never easy. With too much work to take care of every day, …

i4Tradies - A smart way to generate new leads with i4Tradies

Never let your business run dry with too little jobs on your plate and your permanent staff sitting idle. Grow…

i4Tradies - How to find a tradie you can trust

It’s never easy to find a tradie that would respond to an emergency request, is licensed to carry out the wo…

i4Tradies - Finding trustworthy, compliant tradies is now at your fingertips

Anyone who has ever hired a tradie, knows too well that it’s a job in itself. All too often we stick with th…

i4Tradies - How to find a tradie you can trust

It’s never easy to find a tradie that would respond to an emergency request, is licensed to carry out the wo…