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Insightful videos, latest articles, and regular technology webinars to help you cut through the daily grind and take your Field Service Management business from being good to great.


Insightful videos on how i4T Global has emerged as a growing platform to simplify Field Service Management and how you, as a Trades Consumer, Field Service Supplier or an Authorized Service Agent can benefit from it.
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How i4Tradies is helping MJ Electrical get more customers & services effectively and efficiently

Miles has nearly two decades of experience in providing complete electrical solutions for homes and offices in Ballarat and surrounding areas.In this video, Miles shares his experience with i4Tradies

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Find Local Tradies via SMS 0448 422 422 - A Video Testimonial from ExecutiveBNB Marcel Caldow

Amid COVID-19, we have launched an Emergency Response Centre in May 2020 as an add-on module to i4Tradies. Now anyone can find a local and trusted tradesperson (Tradie) near them in Australia 


We have compiled a wealth of knowledge and insights into our regularly updated blog to help you steer your Field Services Business in the right direction, help your teams collaborate better in the field and deliver a great customer experience all the way through.


At i4T Business, we regularly host free Webinars to help Trades and Services business owners willing to learn new ways as they navigate the road to run their businesses more efficiently, manage cash flows better, empower their teams, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately make more profits.

Leveraging Technology to Redefine Trades Business Success

COVID has changed everything! We live a transformed world today, where consumers process information and hire Tradies differently. So if you are still running your Trades Business the same old way, it’s time to pause and think again what needs to be changed to cater to this new mindset.This Webinar will show you exactly how to match the new consumer demands for efficiency, transparency, security and compliance by adding just one powerful resource to your toolbox!