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Partner Programs

i4T Global is here to revolutionise the Field Service Management sector by delivering a simplified customer experience the clients won’t forget!

We are looking for partners in the following 3 key areas:

  1. Companies who are interested in becoming a Master Licence Holders in one or more of the global regions (eg. Noth Americas, UK, Europe, SE Asia, etc…)
  2. National Market Aggregators who are interested in Digitally transforming to simplify their service offering.
  3. Complimentary Market Place Service Providers, who are interested in expanding their services either directly or indirectly by partnering with us

Master Licence Holders

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National Market Aggregators

Complimentary Market Place Service Providers

We invite you to partner with us and join us on this incredibly rewarding journey as we embark on our global expansion program duplicating the local success in international markets. Get in touch with us today!

Simplified Field Service Management Experience

See if it’s the right fit for your business too!

Who trust us

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