How Does The CMMS Software Optimize Facilities, Property & Maintenance Management?

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How Does The CMMS Software Optimize Facilities, Property & Maintenance Management - i4T Global
Being a Tech-Enthusiast and closely working with Real Estate Industry Leaders for the last four (04) decades, I am thrilled to see the massive change, the Facility and Property Management Sector has undergone. Today, I thought of sharing some of my personal experiences which I’ve come across in Facilities and Property Management as a Digital Transformation Specialist and a Founder & CEO of i4T Global.

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Facilities Management is Much More Than Changing Light Bulb and Property Management is More Than Just Collecting Rent

As I mentioned in my last week’s article on Australia Setting the Tone for Digital Transformation & Embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution Opportunities, that although we started to computerize processes 30 years ago, it was in 2013 that the Business World started to define the meaning of Digital Transformation. 

Digital Transformation has not only led IT Companies to revolutionize but also the Large & Medium Scale Businesses and even Startup Companies in various industries including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Transportation, Property Management, Education, and many more.

With the constantly growing scope of customer expectations, where does a company turn in order to survive, and thrive alone, in today’s digitally saturated world? One of the top answers is a CMMS Solution

The technical translation of CMMS is a Computerized Maintenance Management System, yet it is frequently substituted for EAM software (Enterprise Asset Management). The database in a CMMS package uses Smart Technology to accomplish and recommend maintenance functions that are far beyond the capabilities of humans. At a minimum, it will store, connect, produce, and report on all of your facility and maintenance requirements. 

At an advanced level, Computerized Maintenance Management Software is a data-driven solution, with work orders feeding that data. When an order is closed, the system processes the data. Work orders include critical Property Maintenance Information such as parts and costs, wrench time, asset repaired, and time to complete. This data is then processed into reports that are used by Facilities Managers / Property Managers and other department heads to make data-driven decisions.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software - i4T Global

Computerized – When broken down further, the “computerized” portion refers to all information stored via a digitized processor, ensuring virtual storage. This has become the preferred method of data filing over traditional methods such as manual actions or even antiquated technology (by today’s standards) such as an Excel spreadsheet.

Maintenance – The section “maintenance” describes the day-to-day tasks performed, such as on-demand work orders or urgent tenant requests. When a company’s responsibilities revolve around building maintenance, entertainment facilities, and architectural infrastructures, CMMS software relieves accountable parties of the burden by addressing the issue within the platform.

Management – The “management” component of CMMS is possibly the most important. Managing maintenance becomes instantly accessible by reducing all paperwork and labor-intensive processes. This includes comprehensive work/job site needs, bandwidth and resource calculations, inventory and asset forecasts, and hundreds of user-friendly reports based on specific requirements.

System – Although the “system” segment is self-explanatory, the ability to duplicate existing corporate practices distinguishes a CMMS database from other automated systems. Instead of forcing you or your team to adapt to the specifications of a new platform, it can mimic your current business model and departmental procedures.

Customer Expectations range from on-time delivery, consistent equipment/facility reliability, up-to-date safety regulations, and excellent customer service. A company’s reputation and survival are at risk if it does not implement a modern, user-friendly software system to align and unite these efforts across the board.

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CMMS Software would help run an efficient, safe, and productive operation by providing the best solution to overcome the operational challenges you face regularly.

How Does CMMS Software Benefit Facilities, Property & Maintenance Management?

  1. Effective Work Order Management

  2. Asset Information & Communication in Real-Time

  3. Organized Maintenance Scheduling

  4. Efficient Staff Headcount & Increased Productivity

  5. Resource & Labor Tracking

  6. Improved Safety and Risk Management

  7. Inventory & Vendor Management

  8. Compliance Regulation

  9. Reporting & Data Analysis

  10. Enhanced Tenant Experience & Satisfaction

  11. Reduced Maintenance Cost & Downtime

  12. User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive Operations

  13. Increased Vision & Optimised Use of Space

  14. Use of the Latest & Proven Technologies

Key Areas To Focus When Selecting A CMMS

When the time comes to choose your CMMS, keep in mind the fit with your business, the resources required, and the system's growth potential

  1. Company Fit

    First, ensure that your solution meets the needs of your company. If your company is small, you may require a simple software solution without all the bells and whistles. If, on the other hand, you anticipate rapid expansion, you’ll need a CMMS solution that can scale quickly and easily.

    Larger companies with multiple locations may require a more sophisticated, tried-and-true solution that integrates easily with other business systems.

  2. The Required Resources

    Second, match the required resources with the available resources. The initial cost of a CMMS system is important; however, ongoing costs such as training, upgrades, or subscription fees must also be considered.

    Make certain that your organization is capable of carrying out not only the purchase and implementation of the solution but also the ongoing tasks required to maximize its features.

  3. Potential For Growth

    Finally, consider the CMMS’s ability to scale with your organization. Cloud-based technology, as well as mobile functionality, are the future of this software. Make certain that your chosen solution provider is prepared to assist you in staying current with technology.

Key Features Of A CMMS Software

Work Order Management

The work order is at the core of any CMMS Software. The work order is the foundation of any CMMS software. The maintenance manager can quickly assign work orders to technicians or teams, whether it’s an order for scheduled maintenance, an inspection, or a breakdown repair. 

Orders can also have locations, assets, parts, wrench time, costs, and other information added to them. Orders that have been completed feed data into the CMMS for future reporting and analysis.

Work Requests

The work request allows operators, technicians, janitors, employees, and anyone else to notify maintenance management of a problem. Anyone with a mobile device can access an online work request portal and create work requests. 

It’s as simple as taking a picture of the problem, writing a description, identifying a location or asset, and pressing the submit button. The request is then forwarded to management via email and push notification.

Enterprise Asset Management

A CMMS tracks an asset’s entire lifecycle, from the time it is purchased until it is decommissioned. It also keeps a preventive maintenance schedule and a history of work orders completed on a specific asset. Some solutions allow you to keep track of downtime and depreciation

This information enables enterprise asset management (EAM) teams to collaborate with accounting and operations to determine whether an asset should be saved or sold.

Mobile Apps

Only recently did mobile solutions become a popular feature among CMMS providers. Before this was offered, technicians performed double data entry. That is, they wrote information related to work orders on paper and, after completing the order, entered it into the software on a desktop. 

The inability to log data onsite crippled productivity with an extra step. Before mobile apps, there were web versions of solutions that technicians could access on their phones but they left much to be desired.

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A Next-Gen CMMS for Smart Facility, Property & Maintenance Management

i4T Maintenance is a Cloud-Based Software that enables maintenance and facilities managers to develop better processes, reduce downtime, and build stronger relationships

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of the i4T Maintenance CMMS, all aspects of facilities, property maintenance, and management tasks become smoother, easier, more cost-effective operations.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have as you explore your possibilities. You can schedule your customized consultation right now. Get in touch here. We look forward to helping you in your journey to adopt a CMMS Solution!

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What’s More?

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