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i4T Global is here to disrupt the Field Service Management (FSM) industry with an end-to-end innovative digital platform empowering Authorized Service Agents, Field Service Suppliers and Property Occupants with Efficiency, Transparency, Compliance, and Safety at every service touchpoint.
i4T Global is here to disrupt the Field Service Management (FSM) industry with efficiency, transparency, compliance, and safety for all stakeholders, at every service touchpoint.

Four Tenets of

A macro focus to disrupt the entire industry. While everyone is addressing individual touch-points in the Field Service Management sector, i4T Global connects the dots between all stakeholders to deliver customer experience, value and information that truly matters to everyone.


Complete visibility into all aspects of
Field Service Delivery from receiving quotes, scheduling, dispatching and invoicing with open communication between all stakeholders.


Automated insurance, license registration and on-site
OHS compliance requirements of the Field Service Supplier in line with Local Government regulations.


Fast, simple and complete access to every information,  in the office or on the go.  Ensuring more freedom and flexibility to work efficiently in the field and deliver a better service.


Licensed and Insured
Field Service Suppliers, with a background check,  delivering peace of mind to
Authorized Service Agents and Property Occupants with every service request.

Seamlessly Innovative Integrated Ecosystem

Every Touch Point in the
Field Service Management Sector is Connected

Innovative, efficient and tech-driven model connecting the dots between Authorized Service Agents, Field Service Suppliers and Property Occupants to eliminate the hiccups in Field Service Management, to deliver one seamless experience across all verticals.
Offering Transparency and Compliance for Turnkey Service Providers including real-estate, facilities, strata, hotels & retail.

Putting Business and Retail Consumers right in the driving seat. From placing Work Orders and monitoring service progress all the way to payments and ratings.

A revolutionary platform for Field Service Suppliers to deliver end-to-end service excellence and customer experience.

Secured and optimized using the best technology

A great solution is more than just tech

in Action

As a 360 Degree platform, i4T Global caters for a start-to-finish lifecycle, tracking Work Orders from availability, review and lead generation to quoting, invoicing, payment and seamless integration with third-party platforms.

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